Google-Lounge Switzerland Powered by ProfiLux and Mitras Lightbars



The Google Headquarters in Zurich Switzerland is providing it’s employees with a gorgeous relaxation room that includes 5 large aquariums.

Matthias Gross, the owner of GHL states, “We are very proud that Google has chosen our products for the illumination and controlling. Obviously Google didn’t want any compromises in regards to quality and security standards.”

For the lighting requirements, Google chose to use the high-powered LED Mitras Lightbars on 5 aquariums in it’s relaxation room.  To further increase the automation capabilities of the relaxing atmosphere and cut down on the need for extra maintenance, Google installed the ProfiLux Aquarium Controllers on it’s aquariums.  The Profilux modular system manage tasks and monitor parameters for complete lighting control, pH and temperature control as well as leak detection.  Additionally Google will be doing automatic water changes to provide consistent water quality and auto-top-off to account for evaporation by using some of the controllers more advanced features.  All of this and much more can be monitored remotely while notifications are sent via SMS and email.

The room includes Malawi, Tanganyika and Amazonian aquariums and most of them with lots of plants.  On a side note, I’d love to know where Google found the carpeting.



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