Tunze to Make Stream 3 Announcement at InterZoo In Germany Tomorrow



Tunze to make several new and exciting product announcements tomorrow at InterZoo in Nuremberg, Germany.

For decades the Stream pumps for Tunze have been a focal point and that is no exception for InterZoo 2016. After 3+ years in development Tunze is making an announcement on its new wavemaker pump, dubbed the Stream 3.  According to Roger Vitko at Tunze North America, it will be unlike any other aquarium pump there has ever been.

The main breakthrough is the Stream 3 is nearly inaudible!   At top speed the hydraulic forces create slight noise but at a very low frequency and sub 40 db. Anything below top speed is amazingly silent. This is achieved by magnetically levitating the drive unit.  The drive unit has no shaft or contact surface except for a zirconium oxide ball bearing.  The Stream 3 uses a very large propeller spun at a very low speed creating a wide output flow.

Overall the design is like a greatly scaled up 6040.  The Stream 3 is larger to accommodate all of the competing magnet fields.  The advanced motor design has eliminated most of the failure prone electronic components, resulting in a Tunze 5 year warranty on the Stream 3.  The wavemaker is highly advanced, yet affordably priced under $350.00 USD.

The flow rate can be adjusted from about 700 to 4000 GPH.  Every pump is standard with a self cleaning feature. The pump cleans itself by automatically spinning backwards for 30 seconds each day.  The black polycarbonate housing conceals LED diagnostic lights that will come on and give a code if any operative error occurs. The onboard diagnostics will track months of use and can be accessed as needed to verify warranty information.

Tunze is currently preparing videos and product images along with other product announcements that we will post on AquaNerd later this week.  Expected US delivery on the Stream 3 is September 2016.


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