Unboxing the Sanrise Aqua Planet



Last week I was excited to receive in 2 Aqua Planet fixtures from Sanrise.  Below are photos of the fixture being unboxed. I was eager to see how well the fixture was designed and manufactured. Now that I’ve had a few days to get familiar with the Aqua Planet and the software, I’m very impressed. It is clear why this fixture captured so much attention at Interzoo.

Below is a screenshot of the timer screen that allows you to manually adjust the light intensity of each LED channel. There are 6 channels; one for each color.  The light comes with 2 timer presets. One for LPS and the other for SPS corals.  Each preset can be modified for customization.  Included are separate adjustments for lightning storms, clouds.  There is also an adjustable manual mode program that I find useful for selecting what you want the tank to look like from sunrise to sunset.

The Aqua Planet fixture is equipped with 20 high efficiency 3 and 5 watt LED diodes which are clustered together behind a lens that was designed for optimal blending of 6 LED colors.

Control takes place via your phone, table or computer by downloading the Sunrise app to the device you choose to use.  Using your device you’ll be able to control six channels of LEDs which can be programmed for a total of 24 time adjustable periods.


The mounting arm could use a few design improvements, primarily a concealed cord with a more streamlined hinge. At this point the mount design does not fully compliment the sleek spherical design of the fixture but we have learned that Sanrise is working on a new adjustable arm that will hide the cord within the arm.

Also the light itself very cool to the touch.  We are currently using the Aqua Planet on a 60 gallon cube tank and the housing is only slightly warmer than the ambient air temperature in the room.  A small fan is housed with the spherical fixture and it’s virtually silent.  Actually the fan can only be heard if you put your ear directly next to the perforated surface of the LED.

To learn more about the Aqua Planet please visit the Aqua Sanrise website.





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