Monsoon Fairy Wrasse hits the U.S. Market for the First Time



Monsoon Fairy Wrasse hits the U.S. Market

Monsoon Fairy Wrasse, Cirrhilabrus hygroxerus, arrives in the United States.

Offered exclusively by Carolina Aquatics

Kernersville, NC, August 29, 2016) — Carolina Aquatics has acquired the exclusive rights to distribute the newly discovered and described Monsoon Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus hygroxerus). The fish will be displayed publicly for the first time at the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America in San Diego September 9-11, 2016, in the Carolina Aquatics booth #334. Carolina Aquatics will be taking wholesale orders at the conference.

We are excited to be able to bring this beautiful, rare aquarium fish to the hobby,” said Kris Cline, owner of Carolina Aquatics, which has exclusive rights to distribute the fish in the United States. “This is a peaceful, reef safe fish that will get along well with other non-aggressive reef fish and invertebrates.”

The Monsoon Fairy Wrasse, Cirrhilabrus hygroxerus was recently described in the Journal of Ocean Science Foundation by Gerald Allen, with the Department of Aquatic Zoology at the Western Australian Museum and Michael Hammer with the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory of Australia. Allen and Hammer describe the fish as being similar to five other Indo-Pacific species. The Monsoon Wrasse is distinguished by the yellow-orange coloration of the upper head, a blackish upper body and dorsal fin as well as scarlet-red pelvic and anal fins. (See photos below.)

Daniel Kimberley and his associates at Monsoon Aquatics of the Northern Territory, Australia initially discovered the wrasse, in a remote region roughly 200 kilometers north of Darwin, Australia in the Timor Sea, at a depth of approximately 15 to 20 meters. Monsoon’s Tim Green collected the wrasses.

The first shipment of the wrasses arrived at Carolina Aquatics in late August in excellent condition. “They were eating prepared foods within six hours of their arrival,” said Cline. “They are very hardy and have already made an easy transition to captivity.”

Wholesale customers not attending MACNA 2016 are encouraged to contact Carolina Aquatics directly.

About Carolina Aquatics: Carolina Aquatics is a family owned and operated saltwater wholesale company located in Kernersville, NC, that is rapidly growing to meet the needs of our satisfied customers across the United States. Carolina Aquatics offers marine fish and corals from all over the world as well as aquarium lighting from Kessil, Made in the USA Live Rock by Real Reef Manufacturing, fish and coral foods from AlgaGen and Coral Frenzy as well as fragging saws from Gryphon.  Click here for more information about Carolina Aquatics.



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