Eshopps piques our curiosity with new EID Line



What is Louie up to over at Eshopps?  Earlier today he hit us up with a little teaser for a new product design that we’ll be seeing in the future.  It is being referred to as the Eshopps Intelligent Design (EID)™.  By all accounts this new and revolutionary design will be a real game changer. For now, we will just have to patiently wait and see what the good folks at Eshopps have in store for us.  The only other clue that I can pass on at this time is the awesome looking photo right above.  We are hoping that Louie will shed some more light on this in the coming days.  We expect a new product release to come sometime around the holiday season.  Going to need an extra big stocking to hold this new goodie.   

Hey Louie, if you are reading this we would love it if you could send us a production model so we can write a review on it…hint, hint.  All I Want for Christmas is an E  I  D…….an E   I  D….see my E   I  D…..Gee if I could only have an E  I  D…..then I would have a Merry Christmas!




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