Milwaukee Instruments Introduces their new line of DL Black Box Data Logging Controllers


Our friends at Milwaukee Instruments have long been at the forefront of technology and innovation with their top of the line water testing products.  Users of their products can feel confident about service and support for a product that is manufactured and assembled right here in the USA.

Accurately managing water environments can be a daunting task – complicated, inefficient and costly. UNTIL NOW. Milwaukee’s new line of inexpensive, data logging controllers offer sophisticated technology at incredibly low prices.

Quality and affordability are features that they always strive to incorporate into their product line and they have hit the mark once again with their new DL Black Box Data Logging Controllers which allow the user to control pH/ORP, initiate visual and Wi-Fi alerts, and log data.

MONITORS AND ACCURATELY CONTROLS pH/ORP – Setup is easy. Calibrate pH at 1,2, or 3 points in tenths, hundredths, or thousandths, then set target reading for pH and ORP with dosing activation set ABOVE or BELOW target readings. Also set your own CAUTION and CRITICAL levels. The DL125 will gently maintain assigned pH/ORP values.

IDC – The DL122 and DL510 models include IDC, Independent Dosing Control which allows for accurate programming of supplemental dosing without affecting normal operation of the controller.

ALERTS The Alerts Package immediately lets you know when you’ve got a problem.  If a stuck valve, pump failure, or dosing agent depletion pushes a reading to the parameters that you have set, the unit will initiate alerts…FIrst a CAUTION, and if the problem continues to worsen, then a CRITICAL alert. BLUE, YELLOW, and RED status lights on the unit indicate normal, caution, and critical conditions.

WI-FI – Full duplex Wi-Fi allows interaction with the unit through your portal from ANYWHERE in the world.  Utilizing Wi-Fi, the unit also sends an alert email or text message to your phone, tablet, PC or Mac.

Data Logging for Documentation and Data Analysis – The data logging function records all readings, including temperature, at predetermined intervals on the included 4GB SD card and also sends them to you portal.  There is also a “Snap Shot” button which allows you to record real-time readings when you choose without interrupting the preset logging schedule.

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