Neptune Systems PMUP is now available with a Power Transformer



The PMUP from Neptune Systems (pronounced P-MUP which is the word ‘pump’ spelled backwards), is a new DC aquarium pump designed by Neptune Systems from the ground up.  Primarily used as an ATO (Auto-Top-Off) water pump, the PMUP has a vertical head pressure limit of 14’.  This pump on an ATO system may be connected to your Apex aquarium controller.  Neptune Systems is also releasing a new version of the PMUP which does not require connection to an Apex controller. Bilge-style pumps are nothing new but this one features a unique design which enables it to fit into tight spaces and easily connect to an ATO line by attaching a push-style connector to the output side of the Neptune PMUP.  Best of all, the PMUP consumes very little energy and is virtually silent.  With a price tag of $39.00, we expect this to be a very popular product with aquarists everywhere.

For more details, watch Terrence from Neptune Systems in the video below.  At the 2 minute and 30 second mark, Terrence discusses the power transformer version of the PMUP.


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