Eshopps announces Lotus Frag Station



Maximizing real-estate in a frag tank is often a concern for most hobbyists and home coral growers and Eshopps is addressing this issue with a new product announcement.  The lotus frag station is a new product that Eshopps will soon be offering to stores across the US.  Named after the lotus flower, the Lotus Frag station features 4 acrylic petals or Lily’s as Eshopps refers to them.

Each Lily rotates around the center post as they are positioned at different heights in such a way that all of the surfaces are basked in light.  The maximum footprint is 10″ with an overall height at 7″ and perhaps best of all, the Lotus station is designed to hold 52 frags.  No word from Eshopps when the Lotus frag stations will begin shipping to stores but we expect them to available sometime during the fast approaching holiday season.

MSRP $39.99

For more about this product and other products please visit the Eshopps website.



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