Introducing the Artisan Drop-Off Aquarium



Just in time for the holidays, seen for the first time at RAP California this past weekend, the Artisan Drop-Off aquarium from Mode Aquariums is the first all-glass model to hit US market.  A unique 75 gallon footprint is molded into a perfect drop-off peninsula to make this tank a visual feast.

As many of my friends and followers know, I am a nano girl at heart.  Even though my current tank is 50 gallons, it is the largest aquarium I have ever wanted to own and as such I still consider myself a nano reefer.  If I ever considered upgrading, Tis would be the on the top of my wish list.  With a total system volume of 75-80 gallons, the proportions seem exactly right.

The Artisan Drop-Off is manufactured by Mode Aquariums that has been at the business of manufacturing stock and custom aquariums for many years.  They have put their expertise to good use in providing ready to use aquarium systems for the discerning hobbyist.  Their aquariums are a luxury line of cutting edge aquariums that are great to look at and functional too.

Combining three styles of tank into one, this tank is first and foremost, a drop-off aquarium.

As a recent hot trend in aquariums, drop-off tanks offer a unique aquascaping opportunity, with displays that are both unusual and quite different from what we are accustomed to.  No longer is our imagination trapped in simple cube or rectangular shaped aquarium.

Full Peninsula: The aquarium offers 3 sides of unobstructed viewing. Starphire low-iron glass is not just on the front panel, but on all 3 viewing sides for maximum clarity from any vantage point.  Using glass eliminates bowing, and easy glass maintenance underscores the advantage of this tank vs. a drop-off aquarium manufactured from acrylic.

Rimless: No explanation necessary.  Rimless tanks are the gold standard for aquariums these days.  The tank can hold 50 gallons.

In addition, the aquarium comes with a custom built maple solid wood cabinet.  No MDF here!  The Artisan Drop-Off Aquarium ships fully assembled and opens on both sides for unfettered access to the sump.  The cabinet comes in white or black, factory painted with an oil based lacquer for a glossy contemporary finish that not only looks great but holds up very well to salt water.

The technical details of the tank are equally thoughtful. 36X24X20 dimensions come with a large 25 gallon 4-chamber sump and a 1000 GPH durso overflow.  There is plenty of room for an oversized skimmer and reactor, a media area and even a refugium.  Also included is 660 GPH DC pump with an included ¾” return line.


The system is priced to retail at $2399.00 and is available to order next week from Mode Aquariums and other online retailers.


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