A Look at the New Tunze Stream 3 6150 Pump



The Stream 3 6150 is unlike any aquarium pump before.  It is the result of nearly 2 years of R&D and borrows technology from the most sophisticated motors used in medicine and rovers sent to other worlds.  While the appearance is unconventional it is a pump to give serious consideration to and here is why.

If silence is important to you, this is the first aquarium pump with an axial magnetic bearing, what that means is the impeller is completely levitated in the rotor, there is no shaft, it is free floated, not just top to bottom but on all sides.  With no surface contact, the only noise is that created by hydrodynamic forces of the water moving.  If reliability and durability are important then consider the Stream 3.  One of the main life span limitations of DC pumps is the lifespan of the electrical components, the best thin film capacitors last approximately 8 years before they fail.  In the Stream 3, Tantalum ceramic capacitors with a 40 year life span are used.  Every material was painstakingly researched, many of the materials are truly on the cutting edge of material technology, custom plastic formulations are used throughout, copper coils that are incredibly intricate and wound in-house are used to power the pump.

Instead of the conventional hall sensors used in most DC pumps, Tunze utilizes BEMF, back electromotive force, to control the pump. The cooling is accomplished by drawing a large amount of water through the pump from a bottom strainer and a sophisticated driver system automatically back flushes the pump once a day.  An LED display which is normally invisible on the pump indicates issues with the motor and also can give a countdown of how long the pump has been in use.

If flow is your main concern, the Stream 3 delivers 3960 GPH at full power in a very broad flow.  Driven by a very wide blade propeller, the flow is substantial and very direct-able but also very broad and it can easily fill a typical 180 gallon with sufficient flow.  Included are two deflector options allowing the pump to be discretely placed low behind rock work and yet project the flow where it is needed.  All combined, the Stream 3 is so solid and well made that Tunze includes a 5 year manufacturers warranty on each Stream 3.

The Tunze Stream 3 6150 will begin shipping to retail stores and online stores this week and the retail price is $344.90.  The Supply will be very limited for this year, each pump is given a 24 hour test run and the manual is hand signed by Felix Tunze, the 3rd generation of the Tunze family and the innovator behind the new pump.

For more information on Tunze products visit the Tunze website.  Roger Vitco, Tunze USA



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