Eshopps S-Series Protein Skimmers and Product Video Annonced



s-series_launch_finalEshopps recently introduced it’s new Eshopps Intelligent Design (EID) to the market.

According to Eshopps, EID is a new set of technological advancements specific to their proprietary skimmer designs.  At the heart of the bubble plate is the EDDY,  a bubble plate which creates a cyclone of ultra fine bubbles that rotate as they ascend in the reaction chamber. The bubbles are forced through spinning blades that act as baffles inside the EDDY, lengthening the path of the bubbles through the skimmer chamber.  The pump is easy to remove with a quick release that slides away, releasing it from the skimmer base making it easy to service and clean the pump when necessary.  Most skimmers use thumb screws to secure the base plate from the body but the engineers at Eshopps decided to innovate that approach also.  All EID skimmers feature a Twist Off Base that negates the need for any thumbscrews.  With a simple twist of the base, the skimmer body disassembles from the baseplate, making it quick and easy to get to the inner workings of the skimmer.

I’ve been in the marine aquarium hobby since 1988 during that time I’ve seen innovation after innovation. Some have fallen short while others have been copied or expanded upon because they do work better than what proceeded.  Of all the components that are used in a marine aquarium, skimmer technology advancement is probably the one where we have seen the most activity.  Advancements in filtration solutions are ever evolving and Eshopps is bringing some new ideas to the table with it’s EID line of skimmers.

We haven’t reached out to Eshopps to see if they would send us an S-Series skimmer to test and review.  With our new showroom and coral farm underway, the timing is good for us to give it a go.  If you would like us to write a product review on this skimmer then please comment below or like our Facebook post.


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