JellyTank KickStarter is the Ultimate Affordable Jellyfish Tank



JellyTankWith 27 days to go, JellyTank is off to a strong start on the KickStarter website.  In just a few short days Blake & Brock Gratton, the creators of JellyTank, are close to reaching their $25,000.00 goal on KickStarter.

Designed with both functionality and form in mind the Ultimate Jellyfish aquarium is a contemporary design that promises to last.  Built with thicker acrylic than the competition, this aquarium will be sure to hold up without emptying your bank account. The launch will include 2 different color options as seen below. The tank volume is 5 gallons and the overall measurement is 16.5″ L x 7.5″ W13″ H.


Color Choices: Ultra White or Premium Black

With it’s clean lines and sophisticated look, the JellyTank will look attractive in just about any office or home.  The tank’s seamless shape and design focuses on giving the Jellyfish the flow they would expect in the ocean tides. Instead of using an air-pump to move the water inside the tank, the JellyTank uses a water pump at just the right velocity to move the Jellyfish gently around the aquarium.

So far the most popular package is the Early bird kit that includes almost everything, needed to get you started.  The kit includes the JellyTank, Pump, LED Light, LED Remote and Spray Bar.  Jellyfish are not included in this $200.00 package that has a $325.00 retail price tag but for an additional $25.00, JellyTank will ship 4 small Moon Jellyfish after the tank has been setup and is ready for the Jellys.  Both starter kits include; aquarium salt, a pipette, hydrometer, bio balls, filter pads, and jellyfish Food.  For additional information include videos, visit the Kickstarter link above.



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