Are you using the latest Neptune Apex iOS App?



Lately, Neptune Systems seems like they have a new release announcement every couple of weeks or so and AquaNerd is here to help you stay informed.  This week Neptune Systems has released a new app though the Apple App Store and along with it, a new video to help you understand how this improved app can help make the user experience even more enjoyable for Apple device users.

With over 70% of Apex users on Apple devices this only made sense for Neptune Systems to cater this update to the largest segment of their user base.  As Terrence explains in the video, the new app requires you the have an Apex and the Apex Fusion app before you can begin using the new iOS app.  I think you will agree that Neptune put together an easy to follow video for the iOS app and I suspect that all Apple device users will want to try out the free app from Neptune Systems.

If you read this far, then here is an Easter Egg for you – see if you can spot the intake tube for the Alkalinity tester Neptune currently has in R&D.


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