Kessil AP700 WiFi Controller App and Firmware Update Announced



Since the release of the beta firmware and control app, Kessil has gathered a tremendous amount of feedback and have been working extremely hard to to further increase ease of use and stability. Now the latest control apps and firmware (v3.4) are available for both Windows and Mac.

Kessil can certainly be considered one of the leaders in marine aquarium lighting and they have just announced a new WiFi App and firmware upgrade for their flagship AP700 LED fixture.  The new update improves upon or adds the following new features:

  • Improved programming to increase stability and accuracy.
  • Activated social media cloud account – users can now backup and restore light information and programs when an internet connection is available.
  • Added “Auto Refresh” feature – Once locked, light will refresh itself to the current program 2 minutes after touching the manual buttons (with exception of the Power and Program buttons).
  • Added “Default Demo Program” feature – Cycles through all demo effects with the Program button.
  • Added factory reset function – Unwanted programs or settings of light can now be completely cleared (press “down” and “+” then disconnect unit from power).
  • Power outage recovery has been improved. Light will now save program status every 5 minutes (once an hour previously).
  • Improved the lunar cycle so the moonlight is much dimmer than before.
  • Fixed system clock inconsistency.
  • Misc. bugs fixes.

Download the firmware here!

For more information about Kessil aquarium lighting products click here to visit the Kessil website.


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