GHL to Release KH Director to Monitor and Dose Alk



Reefing is becoming ever more seamless with advancements in automation technology. The latest press release from GHL is no exception. This exciting new development from GHL will automate the monitoring and addition of alkalinity liquids by using a GHL 2 or 2.1 Doser coupled with a KH Director.  This is great news for everyone that is thinking about buying a dosing pump and even better news for current GHL enthusiasts.

The KH Director is designed to safely monitor and stabilize KH. This is accomplished by feeding water from any reef aquarium via one of the  2 or 2.1 peristaltic dosing pumps straight to the KH Director for testing.  The cost for the dosing pump combined with the KH Director will fall below $1000.00 for both units. Cost for the KH Director alone is expected to retail for under $600.00.  If you are traveling to MACNA in New Orleans then be sure to stop by the GHL booth.  Below is the official press release from GHL.




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