Reef2Reef Featured Thread – Cryptodendrum adhaesivum 8/9/2017



One of the most amazing anemone fish I’ve seen in the hobby was recently featured on Reef2Reef.  You usually do not hear much about this type of anemone, but this one must be discussed as it is exceptionally vivid.  The anemone is often referred by it’s common name, pizza anemone, but I think you’ll agree this specimen is anything but common!  Some of the thread followers are coming up with names for it like Fruity Pebbles, Purple monster II, and Rainbow Carpet Anemone. One follower even jokingly said he would give up a kidney for it.

The pizza anemone is currently in the possession of Ultra Rainbow Corals. Sadly, they have reported that it is struggling to survive and that it may be “on the way out” if careful and immediate steps are not taken. Even with the efforts currently being taken,  it may be too late to save.

To learn more about the “Fruity Pebbles Pizza Anemone” hope on over to this attention grabbing R2R thread.




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