GHL CONNECT App Announced – for GHL Aquarium Devices



Icon-GHL-Connect_rounded-cornersBelow is a press release from GHL; the company behind the Profilux Controllers, Mitras LED fixtures, KH Director * and Profilux Dosing Pumps.


GHL Connect is a powerful, feature-rich app for GHL devices. Starting with ProfiLux 4 support, GHL Connect was developed on an open architecture that allows for future support of other GHL devices such as GHL Doser 2, Mitras LX7 and ProfiLux 3.

As we continue app development, support for these other devices will be gradually implemented. Once these devices are supported, GHL Connect will replace previously released apps.

From the ground up, we built an app that allows users to easily take control of their GHL devices from the convenience of their smartphones and tablets. From its sleek modern design to its wide range of functions, GHL Connect provides a user-friendly experience across all supported GHL devices.

GHL Connect takes remote device access and control to a whole new level. Unlike other competitive solutions, GHL Connect does not rely on the Internet or external resources such as cloud services and other external servers. No Internet connection is required for a connection between the device and the app when used in a local network.


  • ProfiLux 4: Firmware min. V7.08 (included in PC software GHL Control Center)
  • WiFi module firmware min. V6512 (also included in GCC download, please refer to the instructions for updating the WiFi module)

Instructions, software and firmware can be found in our download section.

Features and functions

  • User customizable dashboard
  • Ability to view and make changes to most device settings
  • Option to trigger actions such as Water change, Feed pause, Maintenance, and Thunderstorm modes
  • Conveniently view current states and values of the aquarium
  • Manually control the switching of sockets and lighting channels
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Language options: English and German
  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets of all display sizes
  • Connectivity options: Direct connection via Access Point mode, Connection over local Wi-Fi network via Client mode, Connection over the Internet (for example via port forwarding)


Free download in our download section (Android App) or on iTunes *.

Please note: GHL Connect is currently being released as a beta version – despite our extensive level of testing and care, we cannot completely rule out app bugs.

* As of now, GHL Connect is still waiting for approval by Apple. Once approved, the App will appear immediately on iTunes.

  • Note: The GHL Director is currently at a pre-release sale price from authorized dealers until Nov 30th.

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