BioGlo bioluminescence aquarium available via Kickstarter

Click the image to watch a video about BioGlo.

Click the image to watch a video about BioGlo.

BioGlo – a unique handheld bioluminescence aquarium that enables anybody to experience one of nature’s most beautiful phenomena – is now available for pre-order from Magical Microbes.

The diverse characteristics and unique abilities of these tiny microbes called dinoflagellates border on the supernatural. Some species are able to generate electricity, sense magnetism – even emit light.

Inside a stylish hBioGlo dinoflagellatesourglass shape, BioGlo contains hundreds of “dinos” with the natural ability to absorb the sun’s rays during the day and emit a mysterious blue glow when shaken at night.

BioGlo makes it easy to care for the microbes and observe their bioluminescent effect by providing the right conditions for the dinos to thrive.

Caring for dinoflagellates is similar to maintaining a typical aquarium. Like other marine life, dinoflagellates require proper control of environmental conditions and a regular supply of fresh nutrients.

BioGlo makes for a great entry-level experience for anyone interested in learning about marine ecosystems or building a unique aquarium.

Magical Microbes is the maker of innovative STEM kits that leverage student creativity and ingenuity while exposing them to the fascinating world of microscopic organisms.

BioGlo is available via a Kickstarter campaign, with pledges starting at $65 and an estimated shipping date sometime in March 2018.

Click here to pre-order BioGlo on Kickstarter.

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