Toys For Kids 2017! The kids win and you could win big as well!


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Our friend Rev (AKA David Hammond) over at has created a go fund me page for Christmas gifts for kids.  Read more about it below.  Help us help R2R to reach the goal a of $10,000.00.

Well it is that time again! YES it is! CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!!

Official Giving Page: Toys For Kids 2017- GoFundMe

UPDATE: GOFUNDME will not allow us to mention prizes or tickets so now they are called THANK YOU’S! :) Your THANK YOU’S will be your prize entry amounts.

Goal is $10,000

It’s that time of year for giving and our members at love to give! If you are a seasoned veteran of REEF2REEF then you know we help unfortunate children get gifts, clothing and food at Christmas time.

Every Christmas for the past 9 years we have had a toy donation drive and every year the members of R2R and the reefing community step up and give to make Christmas dreams come true! Last year alone we raised over $11,000 and bought gifts for over 100 KIDS!

Being a pastor of a local church in my community gives us the platform to not only see the need around us but to be able to do something about it!

We are able to make sure that all families are in need and that the kids really wouldn’t have much for Christmas otherwise. We are able to buy all the gifts with no taxes because we are a non-profit at the church. That saves us hundreds of dollars every year. We also spend the time marking each gift so that the gifts are not allowed to be taken back to the stores in exchange. Sadly there are parents who would take kids gifts back to the store and use the money for other, less productive things. Hate to have to do that but this is for the kids.

We also buy some really nice gifts!

Link to last year’s drive: Click Here

Will you help us reach our goal this year? We can do it! There is nothing that makes you feel better than to give to someone in need.


I would LOVE for us to reach the goal of $10000 this year! We can do it! There is nothing that makes you feel better than to give to someone in need.

Give and Win: This year we are going to be offering prizes from some of our generous sponsors that can be won, by random draw, to all those that are able to give. Everyone who gives $25 will be given 2 entries per $25 donated including special level bonus entries the more you can give. Go to the official page for details. The donating sponsors and their prizes will be listed and updated as the drive progresses.


Here is a list of donors and prizes as of today. 

Marine Depot – $1000+ worth of prizes TBA

Premium Aquatics

Neptune Systems Apex Controller with WIFI $799.99
SENEYE Reef Monitor $199.99
(2) Tunze Turbelle Nano Stream 6045 $78.02 each 

Turbo’s Aquatics – (2) L2 Algae Scrubber Systems $479 each $958 Value

Reef Breeders – Photon 48-V2 With Size Options $600 Value

Tunze USA – 9415 Tunze Skimmer $585 Value

Boom Corals – Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue LED and $150 GC – $550 Value 

Octo Aquatics – $350 Gift Certificate 

Bulk Reef Supply – TBA 

Vivid Creative Aquatics – $100 Gift Certificate plus FREE Shipping 

Possibly more prizes to come…..

GIVE and keep up with the progress, the prizes, and the recent donators here: Toys For Kids 2017 – GoFundMe

Huge thanks to the SPONSORS & MEMBERS OF REEF2REEF for making this possible!


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