CoralVue Releases Maxspect Razor X



The guys over at CoralVue recently produced a new video of the Maxspect Razor X which is the successor to the once popular Razor LED lighting fixtures. Like its predecessor, the streamlined Razor X body will seamlessly merge into your living area and over your aquarium. The Razor X comes with the following features:

  • Onboard Controller
  • Advanced Wireless Control with FREE Syn-G* mobile app
  • State of the art reflectors for impressive light spread
  • 4 Individually Controllable Color Channels

*Optional iOS and Android control requires Maxspect Connect (ICV6), sold separately for $49.99.

The Razor X is available in  four lengths and wattage options for various sized aquariums.

Razor X 100 Watt – 18.4in x 10.2in x 1.25in (LxWxH) 

  • Effective Coverage: 30in x 22in  |  Maximum Coverage: 36in x 26in
  • Retail Price $449.99
  • Suited for tanks: 18in – 27.5in

Razor X 150 Watt – 27.6in x 10.2in x 1.25in (LxWxH)

  • Effective Coverage: 40in x 22in  |  Maximum Coverage: 48in x 26in
  • Retail Price $529.99
  • Suited for tanks: 27in – 37.5in long

Razor X 200 Watt –  33in x 10.2in x 1.25in (LxWxH)

  • Effective Coverage: 48in x 22in  |  Maximum Coverage: 50in x 26in
  • Retail Price $599.99
  • Suited for tanks: 32.5in – 47in

Razor X 300 Watt – 47.2in x 10.2in x 1.25in (LxWxH) 

  • Effective Coverage: 64in x 22in  |  Maximum Coverage: 72in x 26in
  • Retail Price $899.99
  • Suited for tanks: 47in – 59in

Each model is made from a lightweight architectural grade aluminum alloy making it much easier to install if you compare it to other bulky & heavy full length fixtures. The fixture housing uses a passive cooling design so there is no need for fans which can can become noisy or simply fail to work over time.

The fixture has an onboard controller with LED display but the fixtures can more easily be controlled from any iOS or Android device with the use of the for-mentioned ICVS module. Each model includes near-UV diodes (super actinic – 410/420nm) that is required for Chlorophyll-A photosynthesis.

Other features Include:

  • Mimic Nature from Dawn to Dusk
  • 4 individually programmable channels
  • Includes Tank-top Mounting Legs
  • Utilizes Cree XLamp, XT-E & XP-E LED chips
  • Neptune Systems Apex Controller IOTA Ready**

If your aquarium is larger than 72″ x 26″ then Maxspect has addressed that issue connectivity to additional Razor X fixtures. When multiple fixtures are connected together, the aquarist can put the fixtures into master/slave mode whereby all settings are programed into one fixture.

For more information about the Maxspect product line please visit the CoralVue Maxspect landing page.


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