Pro-MAX™ Ultraviolet Sterilizers From Lifegard Aquatics Announced



Lifegard Aquatics is introducing an exciting new UV Sterilizer called the Pro-MAX™. The Pro-Max UV features a patent-pending, flow-through design with less restrictive angled inlet and outlet ports that require less plumbing.

This unique design enables easy installation of new or replacement systems. It can be positioned in multiple ways to fit any tight space.

The Pro-Max is available with a 3″ housing in 25, 40, 55, 90 and 120 Watt configurations. The 5″ housing model is available in 55, 90 and 120 Watt.


Each Pro-MAX™ features a High Output (HO) UV Bulb, Internal Protective Sleeve, and a UL Listed Ballast. Lifegard Aquatics also added a countdown timer which indicates the number of days when its time to replace the UV bulb! The Pro-Max UV housing has a unique built in reflective surface which increases the intensity within the reaction chamber.


MAP Pricing (3″ Diameter Housing) is as Follows:

  • MFG # R450105: 3″ 25 Watt HO Standard Germicidal UV $236.00
  • MFG # R450106: 3″ 40 Watt HO Standard Germicidal UV $296.37
  • MFG# R450107: 3″ 55 Watt Amalgam Germicidal UV $274.12
  • MFG# R450108: 3″ 90 Watt Amalgam Germicidal UV $420.29
  • MFG# R450109 3″ 120 Watt Amalgam Germicidal UV $681.29


MAP Pricing (5″ Diameter Housing) is as Follows:

  • MFG # R450110: 5″ 55 Watt Amalgam Germicidal UV $479.07
  • MFG # R450111: 5″ 90 Watt Amalgam Germicidal UV $510.67
  • MFG # R450112: 5″ 120 Watt Amalgam Germicidal UV $687.17


To kill Protozoa, Lifegard Aquatics recommends 180,000 µW/cm2 by cutting down the flow rate by minimum 1/6th (see max flow rates in the cart above). When cutting down the flow rate it is important to monitor the temperature of your aquarium water after the unit is installed. Reducing the rate of flow increases the contact time with the water inside the UV sterilizer which in turn, increases the water temperature on the output side of the sterilizer. If the flow rate is too low it can cause damage to the UV sterilizer, so make sure you carefully follow the installation guidelines.

All of the Pro-Max HO UV Sterilizers have 2″ Union Inlet/Outlet. You can simply connect to smaller diameter pipes by using a bushing to convert from the 2″ pipe to 3/4″, 1″ or 1 1/2″ plumbing.

“Suggested” Water Flow Rates are for newly installed lamps. All water flow rates incorporate a 90% UV transmittance factor. UV Lamp useful “Effective” life is 9000 hours.

Visit Lifegard Aquatics to learn more about the new Pro-MAX™ Ultraviolet Sterilizers.


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