Orphek Releases OR Series Light Bar



It’s always good to see new options in the LED lighting space and that is no exception with the new high performance OR LED light bar from Orphek. Typically light bars are typically blue or white or blue with white LED diodes but Orphek has raised the bar in terms of color choices with five different color configurations.

Available Lengths:

  • OR 120 – 120cm /48″ / 36 x 3Watt LED – 108Watt
  • OR 90 – 90 cm / 35″  / 24 x 3Watt LED –  72Watt
  • OR 60 – 60 cm /24″ / 18 x 3Watt  LED  –  55Watt

As mentioned above, the Orphek OR Light Bars are available in 5 different color combinations and they even have an option for freshwater planted aquariums.

  • Reef Day Light – Full Spectrum Day Light 18,000K (380nm- 700nm ) for both marine or reef aquariums, with SPS/ LPS or soft corals.
  • Freshwater Planted – Full Spectrum Day Light 7000K (380nm- 750nm ) for fresh water & planted aquariums.
  • Blue sky – Blue /Cyan Spectrum (450-500 nm) for better coral growth & color and fluorescence.
  • UV/Violet – UV/Violet (380- 440nm) for maximum coral growth & color and fluorescence.
  • Refugium & Grow Light – Full Spectrum Grow Light is the most complex spectrum for macro algae or other flourish plants.

OR 120, 90 & 60 – Reef Day Light


The Full Spectrum Day Light 18000K (380nm-700nm) is developed for both marine or reef aquariums, with SPS/ LPS or soft corals.




OR 120, 90 & 60 – Freshwater Planted

The Full Spectrum Day Light -7000K (380nm-750nm) is also developed for both fresh water & planted aquariums.




OR 12, 90 & 60 – Blue sky


The Blue /Cyan Spectrum (450-500 nm) is developed for better coral growth & color and fluorescence.


Blue sky-LED

OR 120/90/60 – UV/Violet 


The UV/Violet (380-440nm) is developed for maximum coral growth & color and fluorescence.




OR 120/90/60 – Refugium & Grow Light

The Full Spectrum Grow light is the most complex spectrum for macro algae or other flourish plants.


Orphek-OR-120-90-60 Refugium Algae Light Spectrum




Remember back in the days of the T5s where you could customize your tank by grouping T5 bars with many different spectrums to reach the optimal color of your choice?

Now you can do same but with LED technology! Orphek has developed for you 5 different spectrums and 3 different lens degrees! Not only that. We are offering you 3 different sizes of bars.

The number of options to build your very own combination is huge!

Also, if you paid close attention to these products you will see that the spectrums are coming from our successful Atlantik LED solution!

  • Achieve a Kelvin temperature between 18k and 30k: Channels 1 and 2.
  • Achieve that deep blue/purple actinic look that causes coral to fluoresce and show color that are not visible in the higher range of the visible spectrum: Channels 2 and 3.
  • Achieve a warm shallow sunlit reef and extend the range from 10K to 18K: combining Channel 4 with  1.
  • Increase the overall range of the light to 10k-30k: combining all 4 channels and adjusting to your preferences.

One more thing! If you like to take amazing photos of your corals and share them, Channel 4 is also great for photographing.



  • Light Bar Unit Body Material: Grey high quality extruded aluminium housing/Tempered glass cover

Dimensions available

  • OR 120: Length: 47.2″(1200mm)/Width: 1.97″ (50 mm)/Height:1.97″(28.8 mm)
  • OR 90: Length: 35.4″(900mm)/Width: 1.97″ (50 mm)/Height:1.97″(28.8 mm)
  • OR 60: Length: 23.6″(600mm)/Width: 1.97″ (50 mm)/Height:1.97″(28.8 mm)

What’s Included:

  • 59″ (1.5m) Power cord with switch
  • 78.7″ (2m) extension cord, with waterproof connector from unit to power supply
  • Stainless steel hanging kit
  • Driver
  •  Fan-less IP65 power supply
  • 2 Installation Options ,Hang Kit /Mounting brackets

Electrical Specs:

OR 120

  • Driver: Isolated Driver
  • Input Voltage: 100-240VAC
  • 227VAC for North America only Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Power Consumption: OR120 108 watts, OR90 72 watts, OR60 54 watts
  • PF (Power Factor) >0.95
  • Input Current OR 120 1.1 amps, OR 90 & OR60 0.55 amps
  • Output Voltage (V) OR120 35-60, OR90 & OR60 40-80
  • Electrical outlet: Region appropriate

For more information please visit the Orphek Website.


About Author

Scott Groseclose is the owner of AquaNerd, Aquarium Specialty, Aqua Specialty Wholesale, BioTek Marine, & The Carolina Reef Experience. He has a degree in Biology from St. Andrews University and he has been a passionate reef keeper since 1998.

  • Wendell Perkins

    I just got some Orphek 120’s for my 120 gallon freshwater tank. I emailed the sales rep several times so we could both be sure I would get exactly what I wanted. My priorities were good even color distribution as well as smooth even par readings at the carpet floor of my tank. I went with exactly what they recommended.

    After installing the lights at the recommended 12″ above my tank, I got par readings with my apogee meter. They ranged from 50 in the corners to 160 in the middle of the tank. It was a larger range than I had expected. The color blending is also not as smooth as I had hoped. For some reason I am not able to post photos or I would be happy to show you some examples.