GHL News Release – New Reagent Tubes for the KH Director



New reagent tube for KH Director

Over the past several weeks, some customers reported having issues with small air bubbles accumulating in their reagent tube. Our findings show that at times, these air bubbles would affect the KHD’s measurement accuracy.

We listened to your concerns and worked to find a solution.

Improved measurement accuracy

The KH Director is capable of precisely measuring and controlling the KH value in the aquarium. We’ve heard and read about situations where bubbles would steadily acummulate in the reagent lines and cause skewed KH readings. In the recent weeks, GHL worked with select customers to gather more information on their particular cases.

After close examination of the problem, GHL has taken the following measures:

NEW: Reagent bottling process 

As of March 2018, all KHD reagent fluid will be warmed and stirred slightly during the bottling process. By heating and stirring the fluid, we are able to minimize the amount of dissolved gases present in the reagent fluid.

NEW: KHD Reagent tube

With help from our loyal customers, we have found that using a tube made from another material (Flex-PVC) prevents the accumulation of bubbles in the reagent line. All KH Director units will now be shipped with this new tube.

Special offer: Reagent fluid / tube bundle

Starting today, GHL will now be offering a KHD reagent and tube bundle.

  • 3x 1000ml Reagent fluid
  • 27.5″ Flex PVC tube (Reagent tube)

Regular price: $89.90
Special price: $59.90

Offer valid until June 30, 2018.
GHL item number: PL-1592
Available at your preferred GHL dealer or at the GHL USA shop.

NOTE: Free replacement reagent tubes

Existing KH Director owners who are having a problem with air bubbles in their reagent tubes are eligible to receive a FREE replacement Flex-PVC reagent tube by either:

  • Ordering the above set
  • Emailing us to request a new reagent tube from GHL, free of charge. Email us at

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