Red Sea Dosing-Ready Supplement Bottles




This certainly isn’t the sexiest product announcement we’ve made here at AquaNerd Headquarters but we think it will certainly be a popular addition to 500 and 1000 ml Red Sea supplement bottles.

The new “dosing-ready cap” allows our supplement bottles to be used directly with automatic dosing systems, without having to decant the supplement to dedicated containers.

After snip­­ping off the top of the external hose connector, the cap can be connected to a dosing pump with standard-sized silicone tubing. A 2nd, larger diameter tube (not included with the supplements) needs to be connected to the internal hose connector of the cap to maintain a steady flow of supplement until the bottle is empty.

Red Sea will also be offering a twin pack of chemical-resistant, reusable silicone tubing suitable for the inside hose connector of both the 500ml and 1000ml bottles, at a MRP of US $2.99 (code R22209). There is no change in price of the supplements with the newly designed cap.

The dosing-ready caps are provided together with the new supplement bottles, but they cannot be retrofitted to Red Sea existing supplement bottles.

It may be several weeks or more before you see these newly designed caps in retail and online stores.

Supplements with the new dosing-ready caps include an instruction sheet which provides the item code of the reusable silicone tube that should be purchased for use with the new caps.


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