New From Orphek, Anti-Rust Light Mounting Arm Kit



Orphek is introducing a new mounting system for their popular aquarium LED Lights.

The new Orphek anti-rust Mounting Arm Kit is designed with the Orphek LED lights but Orphek states that the can also be used with other LED lighting brands. This versatile well crafted is suited for aquarists that do not want to hang light fixtures from a wall or ceiling.

The major components of this kit are made of high quality thick aluminum strong enough to support the weight of a 24 pound Atlantik V4 fixture.



The mounting bracket kits are $125.00 and they can be ordered direct from Orphek with free shipping or you can contact an authorized Orphek dealer.
Orphek Mounting Arm Kit side view



  • Compatible with Atlantik V4, Atlantik V4 Compact and LED Light Bars
  • Also compatible with other LED lighting brands



  • The tank mount will fit tank thicknesses from 10 to 19mm (.39 to .74 inches).
  • This kit will allow a wide range of horizontal and vertical movement to suit any aquarium installation.
  • Mounts directly to aquarium tank up to 40cm high (15.74 inches).
  • Easy to install, allowing easy cleaning and maintenance of your aquarium and your fixtures.
Mounting kit parts
Mounting kit parts

The brackets can be placed in the center of the units like it is show in the picture below.




Mounting Arm fixation on the aquarium glass

Your Orphek Atlantik V4 and Atlantik V4 Compact will be safely fixed over your tank up to 40cm high (15.74 inches)


Detailed view of the tank clamps


Each Mounting Kit Includes:

  • 1 – (2 units) Aluminum alloy vertical tank mount bracket / Dimension: 785mm x 34mm x 8mm / 30.9” x 1.32” x .31”
  • 2 – (2 units) Aluminum alloy light support bar / Dimension:30mm x 34mm x 8mm / 8.97” x 1.32” x .31”
  • 3 – (2 units)  Aluminum tank clamps / Dimension:50mm x 41m / 5.85” x 1.59”
  • 4 – (2 units) Plastic glass protector sheets
  • 5 – (8 units) M8 20mm stainless steel socket head screws
  • 6 – (4 units ) M6 16mm stainless steel socket head screws
  • 7 – (4 units) M4 66mm stainless steel socket head screws
  • 8 – (2 units) M6 8mm stainless steel socket head screws
  • 9 – (2 units) Socket head wrench for M6 and M8 screw
  • Check out! Allen keys included!

Mounting Arm Kit parts and description

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