Orange Storm Clownfish now available from Sea & Reef Aquaculture!


On December 7, 2018 Sea & Reef released the Orange Storm Clownfish to the general public. The Orange Storm Clownfish, like the Black Storm Clownfish have the same paint splattered look. However the Orange Storm Clownfish, as the name suggests, is primarily orange. Sea & Reef created the Orange Storm by breeding Black Storm and Orange Ocellaris Clownfish. According to Sea & Reef it took Seven generations of selective breeding to remove the black coloration from the black storm clownfish.

The care requirements are the same for the Orange Storm’s are the same as for other strains of the Ocellaris Clownfish. The Orange Storms are relatively peaceful and will adapt to living with most other species of reef fish. The Orange Storms are also known to host in bubble tips, although a host anemone is not required to keep these fish.

If you are looking for a designer clown to add to your tank, I would take a good look at the Orange Storm Clowns from Sea & Reef.


To learn more about Sea & Reef please visit their website.


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