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ProfiLux 4e: Reliability is now more affordable

The “e” in ProfiLux 4e stands for essential. The ProfiLux 4e features the same high degree of quality components and reliability as the flagship ProfiLux 4, at a more attractive price point.
The ProfiLux 4e was designed for aquarists who may not immediately need all the features of the flagship ProfiLux 4 controller. With more connections right out of the box than any competing controller, the P4e provides aquarium monitoring and control without sacrificing the essentials; built-in temperature and pH/ORP inputs, 1-10V control, level control, Wi-Fi and much more for $419.90.

Out of the box features with the ability to expand

One of the things we like about the ProfiLux 4e is that it includes ports and features used by most hobbyists with no to go out and buy external modules just to do the basics.

Built-in Level sensor support
The 4e includes built-in Level Sensor support so you can connect optional float, optical, flow, and leak sensors.

Ports for 1-10v devices
Connect 1-10V pumps and other devices 

Built-in display and touch keys
Check current probe values, change settings, start feed pauses, and more from the on-board display.

ProfiLux 4e can expand as needs change. With additional ports and sensor inputs the GHL platform can be expanded to accommodate additional expansion cards or an expansion box.

Availability & Options

ProfiLux 4e controller only: Available January 21, 2019

ProfiLux 4e sets: Available April 2019.

Color options: Available in Glossy Black or White

To lean more about GHL aquarium products visit the GHL website or an authorized GHL dealer.


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