Featured Coral – Bizarro cyphastrea



The Bizarro Cyphastrea is arguably the most sought after of all varieties of cyphastrea available in the hobby today.  In perfect coloration this coral displays a beautiful deep purple base, with the polyps showcasing a beautiful contrasting yellow with red mouths. Other common forms of cyphastrea are typically two toned like the Meteor shower ( Orange and Blue) and the Jingle bells (Green and Red).The Bizarro, in its beautiful array of colors seems to be on top of the cyphastrea world, for now.

The Cyphastrea is an encrusting coral which uniquely grows even when given little or no direct lighting. While parts of the coral hidden from your light may be colorless, it will continue to grow no matter what, or where. It has become somewhat common to see LFS’s and hobbyists using cyphastrea to encrust uniquely shaped ceramic rock. At a recent Reefapalooza, a Bizarro cyphastrea colony was brought in fully encrusted over the shape of a woman ( pictured below).

If you are a hobbyist looking to fill in a partially shaded area, or want to experiment with growing a cyphastrea colony over a particular shape or item, the Bizarro would be a great addition with its vivid coloration and unique growth characteristics.



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