A Look at the Lancia II WiFi LED Fixture from Zetlight


Zetlight recently introduced a new LED strip light called the Lancia II. The Lancia II has a sleek look to it but more importantly it is fully controllable through WiFi. More on that below.

The Lancia II features a brushed aluminum corrosive resistant finish, perfectly suitable for fresh and saltwater applications. The fixture is IP67 certified. What is IP67 you ask? Well that means if you happen to accidentally drop your fixture in the water, then the fixture is safe from damage in water up to one meter of water depth for one half hour.

The Lancia II LED fixtures are available in both fresh and saltwater versions and offered in 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″ and 48″ lengths. Adjustable mounting brackets are included and can be extended up to 6″ from each end of the fixture.

The Plant model features red, green, blue, and white colors while the marine versions include violet, royal blue, blue, and white LED diodes.

Users will have the ability to control the Lancia II with its built-in WiFi control capabilities. Simply download the free Horizon Aqua app from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) from your smartphone or tablet device.

About the Horizon Aqua App

The Horizon Aqua app enables a variety of features for the Lancia II such as customizing the intensity and colors of the light, setting up daytime to nighttime schedules, forecasting cloudy/lightning modes, and many more. The Horizon Aqua app can also increase the functionality of other Zetlight products including skimmers, wavemakers, return pumps, dosing pumps, and cameras. With such a variety of options, Zetlight can surely please any aquarium at an aggressive price point.

Zetlight is distributed in the United States by Ming Trading.


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