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Our friends and Sponsor, Sea & Reef recently released a new designer clownfish called the Snow Storm. This is the 4th Storm type clownfish available from Sea & Reef and it is now available for purchase if you are a retail aquarium store. Sea & Reef only sells wholesale so in order to obtain Snow Storms, you will need to visit your local fish or online retailer and ask for them by name.

Snow Storm Clownfish is the newest strain based on the Black Storm Clownfish.  Sea & Reef created the Snow Storm Clownfish by breeding one of their Black Storm Clownfish with a Phantom Clownfish. The result is a beautiful white fish with Black eyes, fins and lips. The all white and black face makes the Snow Storm Clownfish very distinct from other white morphs like the Wyoming White Clownfish as pictured below.

Wyoming White – Amphiprion ocellaris

Interestingly, the offspring from the Black Storm x Phantom pairing produced a mixture of phenotypes, including Snow Storm Clownfish, Black Storm Clownfish, Phantom Clownfish and Black and White Ocellaris (Darwin) Clownfish.

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Click Here to visit the Sea & Reef website and to learn more about other species of captive bred fish they are working with.


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