The Indigo Hybrid Dottyback from Sea & Reef


Sea & Reef is at it again with another new fish release. Usually we are sharing information about a new designer Clownfish but this time Sea & Reef brings us the beautiful Indigo Dottyback.

The new fish hybrid has been named the Indigo Dottyback for indigo like coloration. The Indigo is the result of a cross between the Orchid Dottyback and the Striped Dottyback. The bluish-purple body coloration is very different than the coloration from both parent fish however the black body stripe was passed down from the Striped Dottyback with the stripe being less pronounced.

Generally speaking, Pseudochromis are known to be somewhat aggressive towards some aquarium fish but that is not always true. As many experienced aquarists know, fish of the same species can have varying demeanors as is the case with the various Pseudochromis species. Some are shy and tend to hide more in the aquascaping while others are more bold and aggressive acting as is typically observed with the neon Dottyback. With that said, the Indigo has a peaceful, calm temperament.

Neon Dottyback (Pseudochromis aldabraensis)


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