CoralVue Releases 3 New Color Indicating CO2 Scrubbers


Ideally the pH in a reef tank should be around 8.3 during the middle and latter part of the lighting cycle. Having an optimal pH is very important for coral health and growth rates. If you’re struggling to maintain pH or if your aquarium suffers from chronically low pH, connecting a CO2 scrubber to the air intake of your protein skimmer is a great way to increase and keep your pH levels within ideal ranges.

Run This Simple Test to See if a CO2 Scrubber Will Help You

If you are struggling to maintain an optimal pH range then perhaps a CO2 scrubber is what is needed. In closed environments carbon dioxide are other elevated and this can contribute to lower pH levels in a marine aquarium. A house full of people and pets affects the pH in your tank. If you are having trouble maintaining ideal pH levels and you want to see if CO2 levels are the culprit then you may want to try these simple steps. All you need to do is test your pH and notate it. After that, if possible, open windows and or doors to for a day to let out any excess CO2. Then, 24 hours later, test the pH in your aquarium. If the pH is noticeably higher on the 2nd test then you will know that elevated CO2 in the building is the cause for low pH levels in your aquarium and that a CO2 scrubber will help.

The new IceCap CO2 Scrubber can be installed on just about any aquarium with a protein skimmer. Simply connect the scrubber tubing from the air intake on your protein skimmer to the output side of the CO2 scrubber. If your skimmer has an air silencer then you may be able to remove the silencer and attach the tubing directly to the skimmer pump’s venturi. Next, remove the cartridge inside the scrubber and add 1-2 tablespoons of RODI water to the bottom of the scrubber. Fill the cartridge with IceCap Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Media (or your preferred CO2 absorbent media) and place it back inside the scrubber.

Finally, put the lid back on the scrubber and tighten it. Also, it is important to not to allow the CO2 media to come into contact with the water you put inside the scrubber. Test the pH level of your aquarium water several times a day for the 1st few days to make sure that the IceCap CO2 scrubber is working. Once the pH level begins to drop again then its time to replace the media. The CO2 media typically lasts for 2 to 4 weeks before it is exhausted. Additionally, most carbon dioxide removal media changes colors once it’s depleted, so you’ll likely have a visual indicator as well to help you determine when it’s time to swap it out.

The IceCap CO2 Scrubber will not only raise your pH by a couple of points, it will also help maintain it at higher levels. As mentioned above, having a lower than normal pH results in decreased coral growth. By boosting it with the IceCap CO2 scrubber, you’ll be able to achieve faster growth and healthier corals with less pH swings. Increased coral growth will also increase the uptake of Alk, Ca and Mg and other trace elements so be sure to test for these parameters as well. Chances are good that you will need to increase the dosing levels of the supplements you are adding to the aquarium.

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