GHL ION Director Update


The hotly anticipated ION Director is closer to becoming a reality. GHL just announced that that have enough material in stock to begin production for the Beta Testers. Below is the official announcement from the GHL US headquarters located in Wilmington, NC.

As it turned out that the supply chains were still severely disrupted and we could not rely on delivery promises, we decided not to give updates until we had secured information and actually had the required material in house. We did not want to give out information that might need to be revised later.

Now finally there is enough material in our house to produce the ION Directors for our field beta testers, in the next weeks we will get even larger quantities of material to start the production of several thousand ION Directors for the existing pre-orders.

What is the schedule?

Carefulness goes before haste. Although we have used the last few months to extensively test and perfect the ION Director, it is not impossible that unforeseen problems may occur when using it at home or that improvements may be suggested, after all, this is a brand new, never before seen product with unique technologies. Therefore a beta test in the field is essential with many testers.

This test will start around mid November.

We have to wait at least 1-2 months to see what the field test results will show.
Delivery to our pre-orderers depends on the test results. If everything goes very well, the first units can be delivered in December 2020, otherwise in January and February 2021.

We are well aware that this means that the originally targeted delivery in autumn 2020 can no longer be achieved. We ask for your understanding that we cannot deliver a new product that has not been extensively checked by many independent testers. Unfortunately, our schedule did not work out due to the problems in logistics and material procurement caused by Corona, we had underestimated these delays.

What if I no longer want to wait?

We would be very sorry to lose a customer due to the delay, but naturally it is still possible to cancel the pre-order at any time. In case of a deposit, this will of course be refunded immediately.

Does the delivery time change if I order again after a cancellation?

Yes, we will ship in the order of the binding pre-orders. In addition, unfortunately no pre-order discount can be granted for new orders.

We would like to thank you very much for your strong confidence and patience. We look forward to delivering a fantastic product to our loyal and faithful customers soon!

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