Elos Releases New Coral Food, Sv Sience M1 – Microplankton


sv Science M1 – MICRO Plankton 40 gr.

ELOS svC Science M1 MICRO-zooplankton is a new SPS & LPS coral food that was just released in the United States.

It is well known that many corals feed on organic matter. And for many corals to thrive about 15% of their food source to comes from organic matter. Most corals are both heterotrophic (catching nutrition from outside sources) and autotrophic (relying on photosynthesis from symbiotic algae AKA zooxanthellae). Coral morphology clearly exemplifies the need for organic food sources with the presence of feeding tentacles.

Foods that should have a very fine consistency and, in order to ensure maximum absorption by the polyps of these “static” corals, should remain in suspension fluctuating for as long as possible.

Many coral feeds dissolve in a very short time, decreasing water quality before becoming a source of waste that is eventually removed by our protein skimmers.

ELOS sv Science M1 is designed to remain in suspension without dissolving for about 45-60 minutes. This insures more absorption by the filter feeders and less waste going to the protein skimmer. It also benefits the tank with reduced DOC levels (dissolved organic matter) and a potential increase in PO4 levels.

According to Elos, Sience M1 has been in development for several years but now it is available in the US.

ELOS sv SCIENCE M1 is a high-concentrated bio-engineered marine zooplankton supplement ideal for SPS and LPS feeding. It contains a multitude of organic nutrients as well as vitamins and other beneficial ingredients. According to Elos, you will notice beneficial results within a matter of days.


  • exclusive formula : rich of acid fat , Omega 3 and Omega 6
  • can be used both for filtrating corals, SPS, LPS. Can also be used as food for small fishes.
  • Can also be used for Nauplii larvae¬†and fry fish
  • remains in suspension for over 45-60 minutes without dissolving

Science M1 40 gram jars are retailing for $23.00 per bottle or you can purchase 2 bottles for $20.99 at participating Elos dealers.


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