Triton Labs Fights Back Against Dangerous Misinformation


Yesterday Triton Labs released a newsletter to its subscribers and posted information on industry websites about about misinformation that has been posted to a blog site by another aquarium company. Triton Labs does not mention the blog site nor the company that has┬áposted this information, but it may make you pause to question whether or not Triton Labs will take some type of action against the party making these claims. Keep reading to see Triton Lab’s official statement. Also please click the links below if you are interested in joining the online discussion.

You might have seen this already on our social media channels but the following information is very important for the TRITON community.

Panic and stress to our members

Over the course of the last few weeks we have received a significant number of alarming emails and notifications regarding a blog posted by another aquarium company containing false information about our TRITON Core 7 products.

In this blog (on their website) there are multiple statements based on incorrect and misleading information related to TRITON Core7 which has caused panic and stress to members of the TRITON community.

We want to clarify

To avoid any further harm to our brand and fears within our customer base we want to clarify some important points:

  • TRITON Core7 products DO NOT contain any of the following toxic elements:
    Or these elements:
    Phosphorous (Phosphate)

TRITON Core7 products DO contain Flouride.

TRITON Core7 supplementation only requires a MAXIMUM of 4 bottles. More commonly, Core 7 Base or Reef Supplements is reduced by the customer to 3 bottles by simply and easily combining the Alkalinity component of parts 3a and 3b. Sharing the same contents, only the dosage on these parts is doubled in relation to parts 1 and 2. Doing this also allows independent control of Calcium and Magnesium, an important feature lost in other popular brands.

TRITON Core7 Reef Supplements DO NOT require a refugium or any other special requirements.

A 1 litre set of TRITON Core7 supplements contains 19,500dKH in the form of Inorganic Carbon. This means that the dKH in Core7 is immediately bioavailable for your corals and does not need to be metabolized by bacteria in the aquarium to become usable for your reef.

Core7 DOES NOT contain any organic carbon. Products using organic carbon to boost alkalinity can effect the nutrient stability causing serious long term problems in reef aquaria.

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