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Recently one of our BioTek Marine products was featured on Reef2Rainforest and we wanted to share the article with our readers. We hope you like our new product that was developed as a collaborative project between BioTek Marine and Slide-Loc. Please note that we have made a couple of slight adjustments to the product and the photos below do not show the minor upgrades but you can see the upgrades in the product video.

A partnership with Slide-Loc has lead to BioTek Marine’s new coral & fish isolation chambers. They are able to serve in a broad range of functions. Note the removable black bottom plate, visible in this photo of the 4″ model.

The BioTek Marine Coral & Fish Isolation Box is the most feature-rich and flexible design on the market today. We tried to pack as many features in a quality acclimation box as possible. It’s perfect for acclimating frag or getting freshly cut soft corals to attach to substrate, tiles, or frag plugs. It can also be used to acclimate new fish to the tank and to see how the tank inhabitants will react to a new fish being introduced into the display before it is released into the aquarium.

In this image, a single 4″ BioTek Marine Frag Square is resting on the bottom of the 4″ isolation box.

4″ and 8″ Models Are Available:

  • 4″ model is a perfect fit for one 4″ BioTek Marine Frag Square. 8″ model perfectly fits two 4″ BioTek Marine Frag Squares.
  • 4″ model mounts up to a total of 29 standard frag plugs, 8″ mounts up to a total of 58 standard frag plugs. Both can also hold rubble by using the included black bottom plate.
  • Top rack to use all space available without shading interior box. Allows additional 4-8 plugs.
  • Swing door allows for use with euro braced tanks.
  • Door can be opened by hand or with a standard tank tongs/poker. No need to move or remove the box when placing coral.
  • Resting feet on the bottom fo the box prevent plugs stems from popping out when resting the box on the bottom of the tank.
  • Optional sealed neodym magnets can hold approximately 2 lbs on 1/2″ glass.
  • Frag plugs and tiles not included.

The 4″ model is shown here holding 25 standard frag plugs in the built-in floor tray of the box. Up to 4 additional frag plugs can be mounted in the four available exterior holes visible along the top of the box. Note the feet at the corners, which raise the box off the ground an prevent the plugs from being pushed upwards and out of their holes.

The original article can be found here.


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