A look at the Ecotech Marine G5 Freshwater LED Lights


G5 Technology For Freshwater

The Freshwater Radion promises to have all the power, control mounting flexibility that any discerning hobbyist could have. The new lights were specifically designed to provide the spectrum required for aquatic plants to thrive, while the additional RGB color channels will make fish and foliage glow like never before.

The G5 platform features optimized LED geometry and custom optics to deliver unparalleled spread and color mixing just like the reef tank version of their lights.

Radion Freshwater G5 Information

Key Points:

  • For G5 Freshwater there is both an XR15 and XR30 version.
  • Fully programable for sunrise, sunset, day, and moonlight.
  • Fully controllable wirelessly with the free Mobius app.
  • High output LED fixtures 90w (XR15) and 180w (XR30) easily provide for plants with the highest light requirements.
  • Full Spectrum for optimum plant growth, health as well as color.
  • LED geometry and custom optics for smooth color mixing, wide spread, and uniform intensity.
  • Green anodized accents to differentiate the Freshwater models in the Radion lineup.

Pricing for the freshwater versions will identical to the saltwater/reef LED lights and they are already shipping to retail and online stores.


  • Radion XR15G5PRO: USD $461.99
  • Radion XR30G5PRO: USD $890.39


G5 Specific accessories cross over from the saltwater line LED line so nothing new is needed for freshwater setups.

(XR793) G5XR15 Diffuser Accessory 
(XR794) G5XR30 Diffuser Accessory
(XR726) XR15 G5 Multi-Light RMS X bracket
(XR727) XR30 G5 Multi-Light RMS X bracket
(XR719-15) XR15 G5 Single Arm RMS Kit
(XR719-30) XR30 G5 Single Arm RMS Kit

The good news is Ecotech Marine is already shipping Freshwater Radion LEDs to retail and online aquarium stores.

At the time of this posting it doesn’t appear that Ecotech Marine has posted the Freshwater Radion lights to the site as of yet you can learn more about their aquarium products by visiting the website.


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