Newly designed Tunze Osmolator Revealed


Nano Osmolator current version and Gen 2 shown on the table

Tunze is coming out with a new Osmolator (Version 2) design that is going to be a complete redesign of the popular Osmolator auto-top-off devices. While this model is more intended to replace the Nano, it can handle larger aquariums also. Tunze plans to market this more as a stand alone, economy version compared to the deluxe model and it was not developed specifically for nano aquariums.

Tunze is being pretty tight lipped about this but now know that they have been working on the new design for about 5 years with several different prototypes being developed along the way.

Tunze has been teasing some of their new products as of late and most of their new products were slated to be announced in Germany at the 2020 InterZoo show to celebrate Tunze’s 60th anniversary! Thank you Covid-19. Also as many of you probably have heard, there is a worldwide computer chips shortage so getting new products to market has been dramatically slowed in many industries. However, Tunze is currently building the boards and the molded parts will be produced soon after they have enough boards in stock to have a successful product launch. The sneak peak video is in German so we can only hope that Tunze will produce a similar video in English.

Tunze has let us know what the Osmolator 2 targeted price point is/was but that is subject to change with all the inflation uncertainty and fluctuations between exchange rates. the Osmolator 2 may be available sometime this winter but realistically it may be looking more like a Spring 2022 launch in the US.




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