CoralVue Makes Big Move by Switching to In-House Production


An installed HYDROS aquarium automation system by CoralVue. Photo Credit: Manncorp

With so many supply chain issues facing just about anything made with a circuit board, CoralVue has decided to move away from outsource manufacturing to in-house manufacturing. By doing so CoralVue will have much greater control of production needs as demand for their Hydro product line increases.

The lead times companies are facing right now are unprecedented and devastating to many business across the world and CoralVue is taking aggressive steps to solve these issues. Being unable to get much needed products is why many companies are taking the DIY route and bringing production and manufacturing back to the US. If you ask me, that is a good thing!

CEO of CoralVue, David D’Aquin tells us he “started getting notices of 52-week lead times on many of the critical components for the PCB boards they build” and this pushed them to make a decision.

Once they decided in-house production was the best path forward, David D’Aquin says, “we decided to buy up all the electronic components we could get and then start the process of buying our own SMT assembly line.” David and his team decided to go with production equipment built by Manncorp out of Hatboro, PA.

Full SMT equipment line installed at CoralVue Inc., supplied by Manncorp.

Overall, CoralVue has found that in-house production gives them a great deal of “flexibility when it comes to inventory,” because many of their PCBs “use the same components.” This allows them to make smaller production runs and it also helps with improved cash flow. Rather than ordering in bulk to decrease cost, CoralVue can produce want they need, when they need it right in Slidell, LA USA.

David and Brandi D’Aquin shown with a printed circuit board from the SMT line at CoralVue.


HYDROS is an aquarium automation software built in the USA. All HYDROS Controls speak to each other through the collective arcitecture and are built to keep your aquarium thriving! This sophisticated automation system builds a portfolio of accessories to monitor and control equipment like water level sensors, ATO pumps, and other devices. Visit CoralVue here to learn more about the rapidly expanding Hydros product line.


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