Red Sea Raises the bar with it’s new Reefer G2 Series Reef Tanks


Red Sea has been busy lately with the introduction of new aquarium products. Red Sea has been known for aquarium additives, test kits and salt mix, Max Series aquariums. Later the Reefer series aquariums were added. Later three protein skimmer models following, ReefWave Gyre style wavemakers, 3 different LED fixture models and two dosing pump models, and coming this month, the ReefMat fleece filters will begin shipping to authorized Red Sea dealers. And each of these newer devices can be controlled via the RedSea ReefBeat App.

The Reefer tanks were recently on sale and now we know why. RedSea was making room in preparation for the launch of their second generation lineup.

The G2 series features a revamp of all the Reefer series models including the newer Reefer S Series aquariums. Each model is available in a black or a pearl white finish. REEFER G2 systems come with a new and improved water management system, extra-fortified cabinets and aquariums, ReefMat & refugium ready sumps. Also they are offering an optional extended 5 year warranty plan which was not available on the previous iterations.

The new models include the Reefer 170, 250, XL300, XL425, XL525, XL625, 500 & 650 Peninsula, XXL750, 3XL900 S-800 and last but definitely not least, the S-1000. Along with improvements, prices have slightly increased. The exciting G2 series brings a well designed aquarium system to the market.

It appears that all of the models are now available in the US except for the S Series models and they are listed on Red Sea’s site as coming soon. To learn all the ins and outs, we suggest you checkout the Red Sea website. They even have a reef wizard tool where you can build your setup. They also have an AR (augmented reality) tool to help you envision the tank where you plan to place the aquarium.

All of the models are being added to our retail site and the category is located here at We should have the category fully completed tomorrow.




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