Reef Builders announces new ownership


Reef Builders, the largest reef aquarium blog in the world has just announced a change at the helm.

Long time industry friend, former customer that later turned vendor to Aquarium Specialty (our retail aquatics business), Raj Shingadia, has taken over as the new owner of Reef Builders & Reef Stock. I just got off the phone with Ra and I had to call him after I saw his text and email. After speaking with him I can tell that he excited and he has big plans for taking Reef Builders to new heights! Raj’s goal is to bring on new writers and industry experts into Reef Builders with the goal of providing exciting content and further expand upon what Ryan Gripp and his team have built over the years. I for one will be excited to see how Reef Builders quickly evolves with Raj’s industry relationships and entrepreneurial abilities leading the charge ahead.

Keep reading the official press release below.


Feb. 14th, 2023

Aquarium and reef industry leader Reef Builders announces new ownership Denver, Co. – Communications and special event guru Reef Builders is pleased to announce industry expert Raj Shingadia as its new owner. Shingadia, who holds a bachelors of science and bachelors of arts from the University of Georgia, is the co-owner of MRC. He brings 20 years-plus of industry experience in aquarium maintenance, fabrication, design and implementation, as well as industrial sales and marketing leadership skills. His work has been featured on national design shows and internationally in public zoos and aquariums of all sizes, and he has been guest speaker at various aquarium and entrepreneur conferences around the U.S.

As owner of Reef Builders and its affiliated marine conference event, ReefStock and ReefStock Australia, Shingadia hopes to honor Reef Builder’s late co-owner and managing editor, Jake Adams, by continuing Adams’s highly regarded enthusiasm for the hobby and implementing changes aligned with Adams’s vision. He also plans to utilize his broad relationships within the industry to bring Reef Builders more exciting content and access to industry experts.

“I hope to uphold Jake’s legacy in providing Reef Builders with interesting and educational news stories and, of course, paying homage to Jake’s passion for corals and reefing in general. I’m also excited to make a few changes that I know Jake would’ve loved, and team up with some top names in the industry to really raise the Bar in delivering quality content,” said Shingadia. “We will soon be announcing some game changing collaborations, as well as exclusive feature writers, that we can’t wait to share with our community.”

Shingadia thanks Ryan Gripp, founder and former managing editor of Reef Builders, for allowing a smooth transition in ownership, and is thrilled to get started on his latest endeavor in the aquarium industry.

Reefbuilders & Reef Stock

Reef Builders was established in 2006, and is the oldest running website providing news and helpful information regarding the saltwater aquatics industry. The company connects brands with their digital audiences by publishing material they will watch and act on, engaging and pleasing consumers with its exciting content. Reef Builders has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, and as a verified Wikipedia source.

Reef Builders is the parent company of Reef Stock and Reef Stock Australia. Reef Stock is an annual marine conference tradition that has energized the local marine and reef aquarium community of Colorado since 2004. Reef Stock Australia is an international saltwater aquarium show that is one of the biggest hosted coral events in the outback.



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