Clear Choice Distribution Announces Larger Simplicity 5-Liter Modular Dosing Containers


Proper dosing is crucial to the success of almost any sized reef tank. Simplicity’s newest dosing offering, the 5L Modular Dosing Container, is a convenient and secure way to store and organize your chemical additives.

Building off the success of their 2-liter Modular Dosing Container, the 5-liter uses the same design concept as its two-liter brother, just in a larger 5.9” (L) x 4.8” (W) x 14.4” (H) format. This container features easy-to-read graduations in liters and ounces, making it easy to measure the amount of liquid in the container accurately. The high-volume 5L compartment reduces the frequency of refilling.

Like its smaller brother, the 5-liter dosing container also boasts built-in interlocking connections, allowing users to secure multiple containers in place and customize their dosing offerings. The tight-fitting lid stays in place without creating a vacuum keeping the additive inside clean. The ABS-plastic hose connection is strong and durable.

The 5-liter dosing container is available to the general public through local and online retailers and for wholesale exclusively through Clear Choice Distribution. Protected by a 3-year prorated limited warranty, the Simplicity 5-Liter Modular Dosing Container is a must-have for any serious aquarium enthusiast.


  • Easy-to-read graduations in milliliters and ounces
  • High-volume compartment holds up to 5 liters and reduces your refill frequency
  • Built-in interlocking connections allow you to secure multiple containers in place and customize your dosing offering
  • Tight-fitting lid stays in place without creating a vacuum and ensures your additives aren’t compromised
  • Durable hose connection with a tough ABS nipple
  • 3-year prorated limited warranty


Volume: 5 liters or 169 ounces 

Dimensions: 5.9 in. (W) x 4.8 in. (L) x 14.4 in. (H


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