Tunze’s Spectacular Customer Service!!!


I ordered a Tunze 6105 a few months back and ran into a few issues recently. The pump had been working flawlessly for months, but out of the blue the powerhead started to randomly turn on and off while making a clicking noise at the same time. I wasn’t quite sure of the problem, but contacted Tunze to try to resolve it. Literally within minutes of sending out my intial email, Roger from Tunze USA (obviously the US Tunze distributor) replied and told me to send the pump into their facility so that they could repair or replace it. I sent the pump in and got it back in just a couple of days. I plugged it all in, but still had a problem, but a new one this time. This time the power supply was acting up and the pump was not getting power. So, I contacted Roger again, and before I had a chance to drop the malnfunctioning power supply in the mail to send in for a replacement, I received a new power supply. I tried it out, but still no luck. I’ll admit I was getting a tad frustrated, but Roger was rock solid. He told me to that the pump motor probably got fried by the bad power supply, and to send it back in. I did so, and a few days later I opened up the package I got from Tunze and it was a brand new 6105.

I have been blown away by Tunze USA’s customer service. They have a great reputation for a reason…they deliver spectacular service and back up their products 100%. Roger has been aweseome and has answered every email and question within an extremely short time frame.

So, if you are ever on the fence about purchasing a high end aquarium pump/powerhead…choose Tunze. Not only are their products well built and of good quality, but their customer service is amazing. These guys will treat you right.

Thanks For Everything Roger.


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