Monterey Bay Aquarium Turns 25


Less than a week ago, the Monterey Bay Aquarium began celebrating its 25 year anniversary. And instead of celebrating in the typical self-indulgent fashions (opening presents, eating cake, etc.), the aquarium is furthering its conservation efforts by publishing their global overview of seafood, appropriately titled “Turning the Tide: The State of Seafood“.

Here’s an excerpt from their Turning the Tide: The State of Seafood:

Our oceans are increasingly affected by human activities—primarily the ways we catch and farm seafood. Today, fish and other populations of ocean wildlife, from turtles to seabirds, are imperiled. Yet we appear to have reached a turning point, with many signs of hope for the future. Fishermen and consumers, businesses and governments recognize the threats. They are charting a new course, and cooperating in new ways.

Read our new report, Turning the Tide: The State of Seafood, to learn more about the threats to our oceans, as well as the significant steps being taken to preserve what remains—and restore what we’ve lost.

We at AquaNerd greatly praise responsible conservation efforts. Our hobby can take its toll on the natural resources that wild reefs have to offer. If proper conservation isn’t enforced, then not only do we lose our hobby, but we also lose the natural splendors of the ocean.


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