Tank of the Month Contest – Guidelines for Contest Entry


The AquaNerd Tank of the Month contest is designed for fun. Our goal is to show other people just how spectacular their aquarium can look with some hard work and proper care. The contest is open to everyone who wished to submit an entry. You don’t have to sign up for anything, just send us an email with a picture. See “Guidelines for Submission” and the disclaimer below.

Please send all Tank of the Month submissions to [email protected] with “Tank of the Month Entry” in the subject line.

Guidelines for Submission

If you have multiple aquariums, each one can be submitted as a separate entry into the contest. We do not have minimum aquarium size limitations. So if you have several aquariums, be sure to submit each one you feel is capable of winning.

The AquaNerd staff must be able to verify that the aquarium is yours. To help us in verifying your aquarium, you can do a number of things:

  • Along with your entry, send us a link to a tank build from your preferred online aquarium community. We will attempt to verify through your screen name on the website’s forum.
  • Along with your entry, send us a link to a photo sharing website such as flikr or Photobucket. We will attempt to verify through the contact information provided on the user’s profile.
  • Along with your entry, send us an extra picture of your tank with the AquaNerd website visible somewhere in the photograph.
  • If you cannot meet the requirements listed above, please email us and we can discuss other verification methods.
Please send all Tank of the Month submissions to [email protected] with “Tank of the Month Entry” in the subject line.

How the Contest Will Work

Once the list of Tank of the Month contestants has been finalized, we will post each image onto a “Tank of the Month Contest” article. Voting will be done via our IntenseDebate comment interface. You simply post your vote as a comment on the article itself. Each person is allowed 1 vote. The IntenseDebate software can track the IP addresses and geographic locations of every person commenting as well as check to see if you have made more than one vote, so please don’t try to change your name to vote multiple times. Any abuse of this policy will result in a forfeiture of any and all of the votes you made. Additionally, many individuals from a single home or business might have similar or even identical IP addresses. To prevent any confusion or voting abuse, votes in the same IP range will not be accepted. It is simply too difficult to keep track of those who are honest and those who are abusing the system. The best way to get around this is to vote via the Facebook, Twitter, or OpenID on the IntenseDebate login interface.

In the event of a tie, we will have a tie-breaker vote. This will be a one day vote in which everyone can vote, even those who have previously voted.

If Your Aquarium Wins

If your tank wins the contest, we will contact you for your mailing address and will ask for you to provide us with the following information:

  1. A brief introduction about who you are and/or why you got into the hobby
  2. History of the aquarium
  3. A list of the livestock in the aquarium
  4. Your maintenance and feeding schedule/habits
  5. Filtration methods
  6. Equipment used on the system (lighting, powerheads, protein skimmer, etc)
  7. Water parameters
  8. An optional dedication or “thank you” segment to be made out to anyone

In addition to those items listed above, we would also like to see more pictures of your aquarium. The additional pictures will be placed in the Tank of the Month write-up about your setup. We ask that you send us between 15 and 30 additional pictures. Not all of the picture will be used, but it will give us enough to make a selection and fill our the article. Please include photographs of livestock, equipment, and anything else related to your setup.

Your personal information will not be sold. However, the sponsor of the program might require some information from you that we may have to provide. In addition, the sponsor might prefer to send the gift card directly to you as opposed to letting AquaNerd do it.

If your aquarium wins, you must wait 12 months before you can re-submit your tank into the Tank of the Month contest.

Please send all Tank of the Month submissions to [email protected] with “Tank of the Month Entry” in the subject line.

If Your Aquarium Doesn’t Win

If your aquarium doesn’t win the Tank of the Month contest, don’t worry. Your tank will automatically be re-entered into the next Tank of the Month competition. You can send us and updated picture if you’d like and we will change the entry for you. If at any point during the contest you would like to be removed, simply email us and we will gladly do so.

Please send all Tank of the Month submissions to [email protected] with “Tank of the Month Entry” in the subject line.

AquaNerd and its sponsors reserve the right to terminate the contest or remove any contestant at any time. The contest is open to United States citizens only. If it is revealed at any time that the winner of the contest does not own the aquarium he or she submitted to the contest, he or she will be immediately disqualified and the second place winner will, by default, be named the winner of the contest. Also be aware that by submitting photos to the AquaNerd Tank of the Month contest, you are giving permission to
AquaNerd and its staff to use the images for this contest, and any other post or article related to the Tank of the Month program or the AquaNerd blog. You are also allowing AquaNerd to change the format of the image in any way to make it more suitable for its viewers and layout of the website. AquaNerd reserves the right to change any of the content on the “Tank of the Month Contest – Guidelines for Contest Entry” article and any of the rules regarding the contest.


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