FishVille on Facebook


For those with too much time on their hands and can’t get enough of their own aquarium, check out FishVille on Facebook. I have received a ton of invites from friends and family to play the game, but never got around to it (this blog takes up a large portion of my time). Well, today while I was just bored enough, I started up a FishVille aquarium on Facebook to see what it is like.

The graphics and animations are whimsical, but it actually seems like the people who designed this game did at least some homework with the fish selection. The fish in the game are all modeled after real fish. For example, in FishVille there are Swissguard Basslets, Tridacna clams, Bartlett’s Anthias, and the typical Ocellaris clownfish, as well as a several more. I would have never thought that the specifically-named fish would make it into a game like this.

The FishVille app on Facebook isn’t something I’ll be spending a lot of time on, but if you’re bored you should give it a look. It will at least keep you busy for a little while.


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