Seachem Drops ReefCentral, RC Retaliates


Seachem, a ReefCentral sponsor for many years, has decided to no longer be a sponsor on ReefCentral. According to Seachem Product Support, they pulled their RC advertising in order to “consolidate and streamline our avenues of product support to our customers”. In response to Seachem terminating their sponsorship, ReefCentral shut down their subforum, closing off access to years worth of user posts and valuable information.

I hate to see the Seachem forums vanish, but from a business standpoint RC really didn’t do anything wrong. Seachem paid for a service that ReefCentral provided, then pulled out after several years. They stop paying for the service and RC stops giving them the service. Overall though, I am happy to see a company standing up to the forum giant. I’m not calling for ReefCentral’s downfall or anything, but I don’t agree with their advertising practices and member banishment that I’ve heard about.

Here’s a message sent by Seachem:

Dear Reef Central Members:
We would like to take the opportunity to inform you that Seachem Laboratories will no longer be an active sponsor of We have made this decision in an attempt to consolidate and streamline our avenues of product support to our customers and appreciate your understanding of this. We are grateful to all who have supported us in this community over the years and hope you will continue to do so in the future. Any and all product support-related questions can be addressed via our website,
Seachem Product Support


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