Starfish, It’s What’s for Dinner


Being the holidays, most families sit down and have a nice meal. A turkey, or perhaps some unique traditional meal is served and the family gathers around to enjoy the special occasion. And though the following video has no relation to Christmas, I thought it would be interesting to show off one of my favorite creatures and its eating habits.

The harlequin shrimp lives primarily on starfish. The shrimp usually work in small groups to flip the sea star over, then inject a toxin that paralyzes the star. The shrimp then drag the starfish to a protected area where they will eat on it for weeks, if not months, devouring it one leg at a time. Below is a video of the harlequin shrimp taking on a chocolate chip sea star. Notice how the shrimp flip the star onto its back so that it cannot crawl away or stick to any surfaces.


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