Too Busy at AquaNerd


I wanted to pop in for a moment and apologize to the AquaNerd following for not posting as many articles as everyone is used to. The local reef aquarium club, MARSHReef, has had events on multiple consecutive weekends, I have had to attend multiple Christmas parties and family gatherings, and my wife and I have been furniture shopping for the new house. And on top of all that, I’ve been working on something new for AquaNerd. I can’t divulge any details at this point, but they’ll be released soon enough.

We typically try to post 3-4 articles per day, but with the holidays in full swing it can be quite difficult to sit down at the computer to write up an article. So, we do apologize. But to help you get your fix, we’ll be releasing some pictures and info from the MARSHReef photography meeting put on by Marc Levenson (aka melev). And to further spice it up, world renown scientists Eric Borneman and Brian Plankis stopped by to hang out with us at the meeting and do a podcast with Marc later in the day. So we should have plenty to talk about, provided there’s enough time to talk about it.


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