Banded Clinging Crab Among Ricordea


Bored at work with nothing to do, so I decided to visit Coral Morphologic, who also happens to have their own Morphologic Blog. While on their blog I found a nice little video of a Mithraculus cinctimanus banded clinging crab cleaning itself among a patch of Ricordea florida. The video is very colorful, as it was shot under heavy actinic lighting. And as you continue to stare at the crab, you notice that the Ricordea seem to pulse and move, which is very hypnotizing. The video is sped up, otherwise the Ricordea would appear to be still.

The article posted on the Morphologic Blog has a few interesting tidbits about the banded clinging crab and its feeding and living habits. Be sure to head on over there and check it out, along with all of their other artistic videos and creations.


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